Solenoid valve for individual connection VUVG

This universal valve has been newly designed on the inside and now offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design. The entire VUVG range, as an individual valve or a valve terminal, is designed to cater precisely for all your requirements.
  • Compact universal valve
  • Connection technology via E-box
  • High flow rate relative to its size
  • In-line valves can be used as individual valves or manifold valves

Solenoid valve MHA1, MHP1

Small, fast and versatile and long-lasting: the compact miniature valve can actuate many tightly spaced channels or cylinders. Optional: compact electronics module with holding current reduction.

  • Directly actuated poppet valve
  • Miniature valve: grid dimension 10 mm
  • Switching times down to 4 ms
  • Sub-base valve
  • Manifold block for 2 … 10 valves
  • Use as a pilot valve
  • UL certification; same connections and cables as for the VUVG

M5 compact system

  • Control elements with all functions for pneumatic sequence controls
  • For control cabinet installation
  • Fast replacement of components

Control block VOFA

Sturdy, purely mechanical control block. Can be used as a press safety valve to EN 692 and EU Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive).

  • Redundantly designed valve block, can be used for safe reversing of a hazardous movement
  • Can be selected as a decentralised individual connection variant with electrical and pneumatic individual connection or as a feature integrated in the valve terminal VTSA/VTSA-F
  • Equipped with valves VSVA
  • Switching position sensing by sensors
  • Safety device tested and certified in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable standards. For more information, see > “Certificates” tab
  • Suitable for use as a press safety valve to EN 692

Hand lever valve VHER

  • Lever in metal or polymer design
  • Front panel mounting, through holes or mounting holes

Front panel valve M5 SV

  • For actuator attachments such as pushbutton actuators, mushroom pushbuttons, mushroom pushbuttons with detent, selector switches or toggle switches
  • Reliable coupling system for quick mounting and dismounting
  • Polymer design




GTIN: 4052568002848

Pneumatic counter PZA, PZV

Pneumatic counter for front panel mounting. On request with protective cap for counting processes up to a preselected value or continuous cumulative counting. Can be reset pneumatically.
  • Complete system offering control components with all the functions required for pneumatic sequence control
  • For control cabinet installation
  • Fast replacement of components
  • Available with protective cap