Proximity switch SIED

Compact, universal, with high flow rates. Optimised valve terminal The inductive proximity sensor SIEN/SIED…-PA is the perfect solution for detecting metallic objects. Approved for use in the food industry and industrial packaging as well as in the chemical industry.
  • With standard switching distance
  • For DC and AC voltage
  • Metric thread
  • Flush or non-flush mounting
  • LED switching status indication
  • Design with metal or polyamide housing

Proximity switch SIEF

The cylindrical versions have been supplemented with square designs in various sizes. The extremely space-saving design makes it easy to install.

  • Block design
  • Flush mounting
  • LED switching status indication

Pressure sensor SPAN

The extremely compact and attractively priced pressure sensor SPAN is amazingly flexible. It can be used in a wide variety of applications thanks to switchable electrical outputs and a very wide range of options for pressure measuring ranges and pneumatic connections.
  • For monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases
  • For network monitoring, regulator monitoring, leak testing, object detection
  • Relative measurement method based on a piezoresistive measuring cell
  • Serial communication integrated using IO-Link® 1.1
  • Compact design 30×30 mm
  • High-contrast display with blue backlight

Fibre-optic unit SOE4

Variants with LED display, switching and analogue outputs. Setting via teach-in.

  • Use for precise and space-saving position sensing in the electronics and light assembly industry
  • Switching frequencies of up to 8000 Hz
  • Operational with fibre-optic cable SOOC as accessory
  • Variants: LED or LED display, timer function
  • Mounting: H-rail mounting or via through-holes
  • With protection against mutual interference

Optoelectronic sensor SOOE

The SOOE provides you with all the optical functions for object detection in one identical sensor housing. From through-beam sensing to distance sensing, you will benefit from innovative technologies and reduce the variety of parts thanks to consistent mounting.

  • Simple operation
  • Fast commissioning
  • Reliable and stable detection
  • Attractive price/performance ratio

Colour sensor



GTIN: 4052568175399

Air gap sensor SOPA

Lightweight, compact and highly precise, this pneumatic solution offers impressive integration options. SOPA features a control module, compressed air regulation, measuring air shut-off, air jet function and up to 4 measuring modules.

  • Convenient solution for high-precision contact and distance monitoring
  • Setting option: IO-Link®, teach-in or numerical setting using three buttons
  • Integrated air jet function
  • Multi-coloured LCD display
  • Mounting: H-rail mounting, wall mounting, through-hole
  • Certification: C-Tick