Economical pressure transmitter with accuracy of ±0.075% span

These pressure transmitters measure pressure by applying the pressure to a
piezo resistive silicon microsensor within the sensor assembly. The microsensor
converts the pressure to a change in resistance, and the resistance change is
converted to a 1 to 5 V dc signal that is proportional to the pressure.

• Absolute pressure transmitters measure pressure relative to vacuum. Gauge
pressure transmitters measure pressure relative to ambient air pressure. Both
absolute and gauge transmitters are used in a wide variety of oil, gas, water and
industrial applications.

• Differential pressure transmitters measure the difference between two pressures
applied to opposite sides of the sensor. The output signal is proportional to either
the differential pressure or its square root.

Differential pressure transmitters are often used for measuring fluid flow rates
across a primary device such as an orifice plate, but can also be used for other
types of differential pressure measurements such as liquid level, interface level,
or density measurements.

The pressure transmitter can be supplied with direct-connect or remote pressure
seals to isolate the measuring element from corrosive or viscous fluids.

Proximity switch SIEF

Modbus pressure transmitter for use in oil, gas, water & industrial applications