Mechanical grippers

Spindle axis EGC-BS

The heavy-duty, precise spindle axis EGC-BS is quiet in operation and has a unique cross-section that is optimised for maximum rigidity and load bearing capacity. This means you can often use these spindle axes in a smaller size, thus reducing your costs.
  • Axis for high repeat accuracy
  • Recirculating ball bearing guide for high loads and torques
  • Optionally with clamping unit, at one or both ends
  • Profile with optimised rigidity
  • Various spindle pitches
  • The optional spindle support enables maximum travel speed
  • Axial or parallel motor mounting

Electric cylinder unit EPCE-TB

  • EPCE is an electric cylinder for short strokes and cycle times, with minimum zero stroke and the best price/performance ratio. It is ideal for use in testing and inspection systems as well as for labelling, in simple centring tasks and for aligning workpieces.
  • Complete solution consisting of integrated compact cylinder, motor and controller
  • Cost-optimised design for easy motion and positioning tasks between two mechanical end positions
  • Minimal zero stroke and extremely compact design make this product the perfect choice for applications where space is at a premium
  • Innovative interpretation of toothed belt technology for maximum dynamic response and minimal positioning times
  • Ideal for fast movement in sorting, distribution and testing applications
  • Up to four piston rods can be selected at the same time in four different mounting positions and different combinations
  • Integrated end position sensing
  • Two control options integrated as standard: digital I/O and IO-Link
  • Easy commissioning according to the plug and work principle: all parameters are manually adjustable directly on the drive without requiring any software or special expertise
  • Product of the Simplified Motion Series: doesn’t need any external servo drive or any control cabinet for the installation

Rotary module ERMB

Dynamic and flexible rotation: With the freely position able, electrical rotary drive module ERMB this is no problem. The module can be used as a single rotary axis with any rotation angles >360° or stand-alone as a small NC-controlled rotary table.
  • Electromechanical rotary module with toothed belt
  • Compact design
  • Mounting interfaces on all sides
  • Stable output shaft bearings
  • Unlimited and flexible rotation angle

Stopper cylinder EFSD

Gentle stopping made easy: You can use the electric stopper for conveyed goods weighing between 0.25 and 100 kg without an additional motor controller by connecting it directly to the PLC. The power supply, communication and logic processing are conducted directly by the device itself.
  • Fast and simple set-up of transfer systems without compressed air
  • For stopping conveyed goods weighing between 0.25 kg and 100 kg
  • Status and error messages for visual error diagnostics
  • Controlled via digital I/O of a higher-order controller, e.g. terminal CPX, makes commissioning easier
  • Mounting interface for ease of mounting on transfer systems
  • Adjustable cushioning power

Rotary/lifting module EHMB

By combining rotary and linear motion, the handling unit EHMB is very dynamic and extremely compact. Both movements can be positioned independently of one another. Loads of e.g. 1 kg can be swivelled 180° in just 0.25 s, with a max. payload of 8 kg.
  • Complete module with combined and configurable rotary/lifting movement
  • Dynamic, flexible, economical thanks to the modular drive concept for the linear movement
  • Hollow axis with large internal diameter makes laying power supply lines easy, convenient and safe

Parallel gripper EHPS

The electric gripper EHPS can be used without an external controller. Low noise level.
  • Electric version of the pneumatically actuated parallel gripper DHPS
  • Ideal for use as a front-end actuator thanks to its low dead weight
  • Controller-free actuation using digital signals
  • Gripping force (4 settings) adjustable via ratchet switch or via IO-Link® interface
  • RA1 version with robot connection, enables fast integration in lightweight robot environments