Electrical Connector Technology

Connecting cable NEBU

Modular cable system with unlimited combination options for sockets, cable lengths and cable qualities. Matches all devices with M8 and M12 plugs such as proximity switches, pressure switches, sensors, transmitters, flow sensors and others.

  • Designs for static, standard, energy chain and robot applications
  • Versions with switching status indication
  • Designs for connecting sensors and actuators

Connecting cable



GTIN: 4052568057961

Connecting cable NEBC

  • Variants with an easy-to-clean design
  • Standard variants, variants with shielding or as a hybrid cable
  • Variant suitable for use with energy chains
  • Variants with Ethernet, CANopen, I-Port or RS232

Fieldbus adapter



GTIN: 4052568090357

Connecting cable NEBM

The right plug connection every time with connecting cables NEBM for servo motors, stepper motors, motor controllers and servo drives from Festo.

  • For servo motors EMMB-AS, EMME-AS, EMMS-AS, EMMT-AS and stepper motor EMMS-ST
  • Can be used in a wide temperature range
  • For motor controllers CMMS-ST, CMMO-ST, CMMP-AS
  • Suitable for use with energy chains

Motor cable



GTIN: 4052568447342

Connecting cable VMPA-KM, VMPAL-KM

  • Plug socket with cable for multi-pin connection (to valve terminal MPA)
  • Variant suitable for use with energy chains
  • Cable outlet straight or to the side
  • Pre-assembled at one end
  • With PVC or PU cable

Addressing cable



GTIN: 4052568113186